2018, pipe dreams
24 September 2018

Pipe Dreams, 2018, City College of San Francisco Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA, dimensions variable

Multiple capped pipes stick out of a wall of the City College of San Francisco Art Gallery. Painted in a effort to blend into the white walls, these pipes no longer serve their original purpose and speak of rejection, restriction and unrealized potential. How might I honor these aborted conduits by means of material extension and offer them support and encouragement to dream?

The three intestinal-like coils made of bedsheets and unwanted wool thread represent perseverance and stamina in getting through difficulty and achieving seemingly impossible dreams.

The Rub, 2018, found wool and cashmere sweaters, thread, polyester fiber stuffing, nightstand

Reverie, 2018, the artist’s leftover pieces of conduit, gold metallic paint, pillows, pillowcases, hardware, dimensions variable

Reverie is inspired by the joy I had of experiencing conduits sounding like wind chimes. From further away the gold color elevates the pipes and is a metaphor for success. At a closer distance, the shoddy paint job is a reminder that success isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. The pillows hold the offering of a stick to hit the pipes against each other to experience life’s simple joys in this moment.