2019, loveworn
23 January 2019

Self-Portraits in the Age of Selfies, 2019, Mercury 20 Gallery, Oakland, CA

Loveworn, 2017–19, a favorite sweater of the artist, dustpan. photo: Mary Curtis Ratcliff

Loveworn (detail), 2017–2019, a favorite sweater of the artist

Pinned away from the wall, black strips of decayed material are loosely knitted together, forming a long narrow tapestry with gaping holes. Worn out, the fabric hangs by mere threads and tiny bits of material form a small pile in a dustpan on the floor.

Originally, this was a favorite sweater of mine, one I wore beyond its useful life. I remember buying the pullover in an upscale boutique but later upon looking at the tag, I discovered it was actually from J. Jill. Slightly surprised that I had conflated multiple experiences, I realize that my memory, like this material, is also subject to erosion over time.