Wedding Invites

We finally sent out the wedding invites and it was such a relief to finish them. I made them extra complicated and I’m very grateful to Tom for helping me assemble them without complaint. My dear, father-in-law (almost) took this photo of them for me.

So what’s the lesson here in being extra complicated? I went to four different places searching for ribbon and we met a very accommodating woman who helped us decide on the ribbon that we ultimately used at Needle in a Haystack. She really took her time and gave us exceptional customer service. She made a comment about choosing the ribbon, about it being a detail and not so important in the long-term aspect of a marriage, even though we might think it important now. I understand her point and appreciated it then too. I find at times that I focus on things with ever tightness and control and they’re not so important. Choose your battles I think. Her advice applies to life so well. I think when we broaden our focus it can give us more space, we can see more things, more possibilities…

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