Squares in Circles
©2011 Leah Virsik Squares in Circles acrylic, paper towel, tissue paper, found paper, wood shavings, punched circles and squares on paper 4 x 6 inches

I’m feeling a lot of gratitude lately. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving visit with my in-laws. Tom made a really yummy fish soup per my request. I made pomegranate balsamic vinegar dressing. We both exercised in the morning. Tom encouraged me to go the night before by asking if I had ever felt bad after I went to yoga. Never. I always feel better afterward. It’s helpful also to commit the night before when I have morning practice.

Alice, the owner and inspiration behind Loka Yoga has built an incredible community of people and made a comment about how appreciative she is that people continue to show up to practice. It’s like having her birthday every day. It brought tears to my eyes. I get that when I teach. It’s incredible and amazing to have people show up.

Some other highlights: Tom and I are having fun in the garden building planter boxes. I’m enjoying Linda Lum’s Collage and Composition class at Foothill College. It’s much  more difficult for me online so I’m glad to have the opportunity to go to campus for the rest of the class. Tom and I saw the documentary The Swell Season last night. Loved it. Any opportunity to see Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová I am there. 🙂



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  1. Reading about how grateful the feeling is…when folks show up… I think that goes for a lot of things, when people comment on something you have made from the heart – it really is incredible indeed 🙂 Wishing you a lovely holiday season!

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