Kiss Me You Fool

After cooking a fabulous risotto (we make it vegetarian and substituted white balsamic vinegar for the white wine) Tom and I were trying to plan when we could next paint Hammie… Tom suggested just painting his bright red lips and orange mouth, such a difference just to start something and so much you can do in 15 minutes… I enjoy tracking our progress as well.

I spent a huge amount of time organizing the studio/garage over the weekend and it felt really good. Still have more to tackle but I’m grateful for Tom’s acceptance of my process as it comes together.

The process of Hammie

Hammie 2, originally uploaded by Leah Virsik.

Tom and I put on a coat of primer on Hammie today. Such a warm day and after looking at art at Pro Arts Open Studios it felt good to do some painting myself. Those pots in the back are wanting some paint as well. Signed up for a flickr account tonight… Trying to figure out how this all works… Tom and I are working on organizing the garage. It feels really good.


I’m organizing my files. I’m thrilled, it sounds crazy but there’s something about getting organized that is very soothing for the soul. I have my office I’m working on and then I’ll conquer the studio garage. Tom and I’ve put some dates down on the calendar for an open house party and some get togethers, so it’ll be even more helpful to get the house in order. A big part of this inspiration is thanks to Alyson B. Stanfield’s I’d Rather Be in the Studio recommended to me by Bonnie Randall Boller. Alyson has a very direct, action-oriented approach, that really helps me become more aware of the excuses I’ve been making.

Another soul-soothing thing I’ve been doing lately is going to Alice Joanou’s Loka Yoga. Besides the great workout, the slowing down and the peace I feel when I’m there, the atmosphere is great as well. It smells really good besides.

There’s always more to write. Earlier, I was shredding 2003 phone bills… I’m going to now change my current phone bill to an electronic version!