Hammie: Installed in Our Garden!

“We’re the house on the corner with the giant purple and mirrored fish head on the lawn,” as Tom likes to mention. Hammie is terribly fun and was a joy to create with Tom. Plus, it’s nice to have him done. The yard is in process. We’re looking to plant Blue Lobelia around the bottom of Hammie, as if he’s coming out of the water, as suggested by a couple of friends. Tom just recently added the purple fountain grass in the back.

A lot of things are getting done. We’re putting art up on walls, I’m working on finishing up decorating a lamp that I’ve had for years. It feels really good and kind of amazing: being so productive and creative. Our home is coming together… I enjoy the planning process. We stained an old mirror frame that I’ve had that works really well with our bedroom furniture. It’s no longer “mine” anymore and the collaboration feels very fitting.

Trees and fish

Speaking of trees… Tom and I picked up our first tree to plant, a Bloodgood Japanese Maple… such emotion for me about planting a tree together… a marking of becoming an adult. Pretty cool. His name is Mo…short for momiji, how the trees are known in Japanese.

And we’ve been working on Hammie

And I found a milk paint recipe that worked well. I’m working on painting a lamp so once I get that finished I’ll post the photos here.

Hammie in purple

Hammie in purple, originally uploaded by Leah Virsik.

Photo by TV

Tom got a lot of painting done on Hammie this weekend. I helped as well. Still lots more to do…

I tried out Martha Stewart’s Milk Paint Recipe and it failed miserably. I used non-fat milk. Isn’t that what skim milk is? Anyway, gonna try another recipe. I bought lots of colorful pigment paint and I want to use it. Lots of things are happening. I’m putting together an Artist Business Circle. I’ll have more details on that as I put that together. There’s a new salon in Rockridge that wants art. I have a fun idea for an art piece around their theme “7” involving aluminum.

Kiss Me You Fool

After cooking a fabulous risotto (we make it vegetarian and substituted white balsamic vinegar for the white wine) Tom and I were trying to plan when we could next paint Hammie… Tom suggested just painting his bright red lips and orange mouth, such a difference just to start something and so much you can do in 15 minutes… I enjoy tracking our progress as well.

I spent a huge amount of time organizing the studio/garage over the weekend and it felt really good. Still have more to tackle but I’m grateful for Tom’s acceptance of my process as it comes together.

The process of Hammie

Hammie 2, originally uploaded by Leah Virsik.

Tom and I put on a coat of primer on Hammie today. Such a warm day and after looking at art at Pro Arts Open Studios it felt good to do some painting myself. Those pots in the back are wanting some paint as well. Signed up for a flickr account tonight… Trying to figure out how this all works… Tom and I are working on organizing the garage. It feels really good.