The relativity of time

My mood was down and now it’s a bit up. Mostly just interesting to notice.

Time is relative. It’s something we’ve made up and in many ways it’s more about our beliefs about time than the actual time itself. I think “Oh I don’t have enough time” and sure maybe there isn’t but maybe if I thought differently that time could actually show up. That’s when prioritizing and values are important.

I experienced time in a really rewarding way this weekend. A postcard for the upcoming Frank Bette show came in the mail this weekend and some of my work would work perfectly with their theme. I’ve had some ideas that I wanted to finish… I wanted to complete an aluminum series. Except that I had to get the work done… Tom and I had a busy and fun weekend with family so there wasn’t a lot of “time” for additional things.

Tom challenged me and asked me if I wanted to do the pieces and submit them the next day. I’m totally up for a challenge. We worked together late Saturday night til almost three o’clock in the a.m. for about six hours. (I don’t think we’ve ever stayed up that late.) It was such an incredible experience working together for a common goal challenged by the clock, desire and fatigue. The pieces came out beautifully. The concepts were fun. Unfortunately, the glue didn’t actually stick and the aluminum pieces came up off the panels even more as I poured resin on them the next day. The resin took longer than I expected to dry.

This was the last thing that I thought I would encounter, a challenge in materials. It means more practice… we went out Sunday to buy more panels, glue and a different type of resin-type coating. I’m looking forward to creating more… It was so awesome to see the work we’d created even though it didn’t turn out exactly how I’d anticipated. It was pure joy to catch a glimpse of the body of work that I’m longing to create, come together.

I’m grateful for the challenge, Tom, and for that exciting energy that we created together.

Various Musings

The ART door leading to my studio! Thanks to Tom for installing the letters.

Lots of stuff on my mind… I’m excited and have really good energy. It’s 12:52 p.m. (luntime when I wrote this) I’m thinking that’s a bit important because I was bummed last night and I knew it would pass. Needed sleep. My mood can be all over the place. Right now it’s up and I’m very grateful. I blogged a while back about getting trees from the City of Oakland and this morning they were digging up concrete in front of our house. I’m so excited. I’m hoping for PINK crepe myrtles. Fingers crossed. We get four trees! Our lot so needs some color badly!

I’m so proud of my friend Hedy Peterson who makes beautiful leather handbags. She has her work on Check it out. I have three! One she designed especially for me. Actually two. I first met her years ago when I was referred to her and she made a custom bag for my portfolio. Her bio is great.

I’m teaching my Artist Business Circle and overall I’ll say it’s going really well. I have three incredible students. I’m inspired by how they all want to help each other. It’s so enjoyable to witness. I feel privileged. Lots of things are coming up for me in this process. Stuff about myself that I don’t like, but also stuff I do. Lots of new ideas, thinking bigger. I work to change the things I don’t like. It’s a powerful place for me to be. I’m creating something that’s bigger than me and exposing myself at the same time. A vulnerable place but I’m very grateful for the growth and chance to be here.

I’m noticing with self-promotion how important it is to express what you do. I believe that people have a desire to help others succeed. I believe this in the biggest sense. Not everyone is going to give you what you want but they may be taking care of themselves. By them showing you this example, they may be giving you what you need.

Side tangent there. Anyway, I’m a collector and I love color and great design. Claudia gave me this great bottle. I think it’s fascinating that she thought of me. Part of why she gave it to me was because I expressed my interest. Cheryl and Stephanie give me aluminum cans. Karen saves empty wine bottles for us for our garden. My friend Sarah sent me, among others, a great map of Oakland art galleries. My mom has come to all of my art shows and purchased my art. Tom has also come to all of my shows and encouraged me (multiple times in fact) to first exhibit at FBCA. It’s so important to me to honor these people who contribute to who I am. When you express your passion and love for something, people want to connect with you. I think that when one witnesses passion in others, it connects them to their own passion. My own thoughts on why it’s so important to express your passion. You’re actually helping other people as well as yourself!

Pigs, Bookbinding & More

Lots of stuff and I’m not sure where to start…

A friend of my mom’s Pat sent Tom and I the sweetest bridal pig couple ever. Total surpise and really fun. We couldn’t stop talking about them. Really thoughtful gift.

I finished two blank books this weekend and submitted them to the Frank Bette Center for the Arts for the Alameda on Camera show opening April 4. I’m really happy with them. I went through all kinds of emotion ranging from disgust to elation and everything that lives in between. In the end, they’re so much better than I expected. (It’s best when you don’t have expectations or they’re quite low.) They’re for sale but it’s as if I almost don’t want to sell them. I’d like to enjoy them for a little bit longer. I’ll have photos of them hopefully this week to put up here or they’ll be at Frank Bette for viewing this Friday.

I learned a new binding, the Long Stitch Link Stitch from Keith A. Smith’s Volume I Non-Adhesive Binding Booking Without Paste or Glue. It’s an excellent book. Another great source for journal making is Teesha Moore’s site where she gives a great description on how she makes her journals.

I had a really nice weekend with Tom. He helped me a lot and gave me lots of space so that I could work on my art. He cooked and did laundry and mowed the lawns and went food shopping. I’m very lucky to be with him. We worked on solvent photo transfers together in our backyard. It was really fun to watch him get excited about ideas. I want to stay up all night and finish and he helps me by suggesting ways I might get my work done and get to bed early.

We found a sewing machine for $10 at a garage sale this weekend. That was really fun. I need to get a manual but it has all kinds of different stitches that I’m looking forward to using. Now, I get to focus on last minute wedding planning details, cleaning up the garage/studio space and planning a honeymoon. So much I want to do…

I really enjoy Holly Becker’s: and she has great links to lots of other great places. Through her site I found Michele Maule’s blog. I really enjoy reading about Michele’s process plus I’m really enjoying her artwork. I’m always wanting to check out her blog to see what she’s posted next. She’s a definite inspiration for me to post on a more regular basis. Thanks Michele!

Alameda on Camera

Tom came out to Alameda with me and I shot a fair amount of photos on Alameda Point Friday night and early Saturday morning. It was a lot of fun. It was great to be with Tom. He has great ideas. Plus, I wouldn’t have gone half the places I went had I not been with him, especially in the dark.

It was really curious to me that after I looked at my photos last night, I started to see a pattern or a theme within the photos, lots of stairs, locks, hallways, peeling paint, color, chairs, feet… It’s interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of me within the month that I have to submit my work to Frank Bette.

I bought a slide printer and I’m going to take a stab at image transfer from Polaroid film.

Studies in Blue and Red at FBCA

Wow! My first post. It took me awhile but I did figure out my header. I’ve been wanting to put together a blog for a while now and I finally got the push from a great article by Kelly Rae Roberts in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine. Thank you Kelly Rae!

These two collage/paintings above are on display at Frank Bette Center for the Arts in Alameda in their current show “Vision & Revision” which is on until March 1, 2008. Tom introduced me to the FCBA and I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to exhibit at this great local gallery.

I’m in my first juried show! It also happens to be at FCBA: Alameda on Camera 2008 I’ll post more of my experience as this event and my art gets underway. The exhibit is April 4-26, 2008. Thanks for reading.