Turning 37 and The Creative Entrepreneur

Thirty-seven years ago today I was born. Today I’m contemplating that and all that I’ve experienced in my lifetime. I’m grateful to be here and thankful for a wonderful husband and to have been brought up in a very supportive family.

I’m working through Lisa Sonora Beam’s The Creative Entrepreneur and above are images from my own visual journal. I’m still working on the text. It’s in some places and not in others and I realize combining the writing and the visual image does not come easily to me. It’s something I admire in other journals and works I’ve seen and and so my attempt at it will give me an even greater appreciation.

Something exciting I’ve learned through this process is that papers or pieces that were treated as “scrap” or “messups” are no longer, they’re now given a new life in my visual journal. They are now a page in an actual book. It’s curious and makes we wonder about what else I can breathe new life into. What was junk at one point or even garbage and now has a new life because of you?

I’m really enjoying Lisa Sonora Beam’s book and the process of thinking differently. I’m working through objectives, strategies and tactics for 2009 and it’s much more detailed than I’ve ever made it. Really exciting stuff. I’m looking forward to the new year and what it brings. Interested in taking a class in Oakland with Lisa Sonora Beam? Visit her website to find out more about her and let me know! I’m looking forward to potentially hosting a class of hers.

I came across incredible signage at the ZTA Architectural Office in San Diego. Click on places, commercial and then ZTA Architectural Office to see pics.

Support Women Artists Now (SWAN) day is March 28, 2009 and is put together in part by The Fund for Women Artists. I’m excited. I’d like to do something to celebrate… something creative and with women. Interested? Let me know! For many years I’ve been inspired by others who inspire. It hasn’t been enough for me to just witness this, I realize that part of my mission is to be a leader, to connect and inspire others myself.

Online Training Recommendation + More

I’ve been hiding out a bit… from writing lately… working on developing a site design for Alameda Women Artists. It’s funny how I’ve been working on this site development… I’ve worked on it, shown it, put it down, come back to it, shown it again, put it down, come back to it again and then it clicks. Just a friendly reminder that process takes time and other people’s input can be very valuable, especially when it’s a project for a group.

I’m on the board now for the AWA and am really enjoying them. I had suggested we listen to an interview by Alyson B. Stanfield of Peggy Klaus on her book Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It for our meeting last night. I have listened to it almost three times and what really stood out for me is how well Alyson B. Stanfield brags about herself in a natural, conversational manner. She mentions her own book and how it relates to the interview. It’s of value to the conversation. I think when we don’t share or brag about ourselves it’s never known what impact there would have been. It reminds me of this quote from Martha Graham to Agnes de Mille which is also mentioned in Carol Lloyd’s book Creating a Life Worth Living.

I’m having a fabulous time on www.lynda.com for $25 a month every chance I can get. Great creative inspiration and online training. I’m working through the coding movies now and am looking forward to their WordPress movie as well.

Thank you Tom for the prodding for me to post.


I’m organizing my files. I’m thrilled, it sounds crazy but there’s something about getting organized that is very soothing for the soul. I have my office I’m working on and then I’ll conquer the studio garage. Tom and I’ve put some dates down on the calendar for an open house party and some get togethers, so it’ll be even more helpful to get the house in order. A big part of this inspiration is thanks to Alyson B. Stanfield’s I’d Rather Be in the Studio recommended to me by Bonnie Randall Boller. Alyson has a very direct, action-oriented approach, that really helps me become more aware of the excuses I’ve been making.

Another soul-soothing thing I’ve been doing lately is going to Alice Joanou’s Loka Yoga. Besides the great workout, the slowing down and the peace I feel when I’m there, the atmosphere is great as well. It smells really good besides.

There’s always more to write. Earlier, I was shredding 2003 phone bills… I’m going to now change my current phone bill to an electronic version!