Savannah Memories

Lots of stuff on my mind. Thinking about our Savannah trip… I found some of my notes for our trip. Still working on cleaning up the office… We had the best croutons on this salad from Alligator Soul. Tom also had an amazing vegetarian dish. Our server gave us the recipe for these amazing croutons. Make white grits, add Parmesan and let them get hard, probably in a square pan would be best, cut them into cubes, dust with flour and fry them (or you could try baking them).

The Shop SCAD store was one of my favorite places in Savannah. Some of the artists that stood out to me were: Rebecca Walker and Claire Teschel as well as Monica James and Robin Miller.

It’s getting late… and I need to head off to work. I want to move over from Blogger to WordPress… want to learn more about coding and have more flexibility… plus, I’d like to make my website and the blog interconnected. Big project but fun to think about.

I”m trying to add an image but for some reason I’m unable to… no photo this time.

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