Purple painted lamp and other fun things

My mom gave this previously white lamp to me years ago and I’ve moved it from place to place hoping to paint it. I finally got to it with Tom’s help. He not only helped with the painting but also with the encouraging… encouraging me to finish… it’s very helpful… and I feel much more productive with finished pieces. I also started using my great $10 sewing machine for the edges of the velvet.

The light purple is milk paint which I have previously mentioned in this blog and the dark purple is just acrylic with some gloss medium. This glossy/matte contrast was inspired by Sol LeWitt’s exhibit at the SFMOMA years ago.

I’ve been busy today, working on stuff… This morning I did a bit of web design. I’m designing Alameda Women Artist’s new website. It’s so much fun. Slowly, it’s coming together, the css and xhtml, but it’s making sense and I’m learning which is the extraordinary part.

I’m going to take my bike in to get it tuned up for next week’s Oakland Museum bike tour.

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