Pro Arts Box Art Benefit Silent and Live Auction: Saturday, November 6 | 6–9pm

Blocks of Wisdom (detail)
©2010 Leah Virsik, Blocks of Wisdom (detail) mixed-media: buttons, wood, found paper, ink, thread
3 strands: 82, 105 and 113 inches, blocks are approximately 1 inch square

Pro Arts Box Art Benefit Silent and Live Auction:
Saturday, November 6 | 6–9pm

Preview Exhibition: November 2 – 6, 2010
Pro Arts Gallery 510-763-4361
150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland, CA 94619

Beer, Wine, Food, Music, Art and More!

Box Art 2010 features original works made from recycled materials distributed by Pro Arts in partnership with The Reuse People (TRP) and Habitat for Humanity. This annual fundraiser inspires fun, new work created in community with other artists working with the same materials.

Participating Artists:
Robert Abrams, Cheryl Adsit, Rosemary Allen, Frederick Alvarado, Peter Andrea, Chris Bacina, Marla Bacina, Jenny E. Balisle, Rachel Beser, Dyana Bhandari, Rene Bien, Demetrie Broxton, Maggie Cockrell, Tyrell Collins, Veronica Cox, Andreina Davila, Jim Dennis, Joan Di Stefano Ruiz, Linda Diamond, Diane Dunwoodie, Jamie Erfurdt, Lorrie Fink, Llewelynn Fletcher, Kara Fortune, Trish Foschi, Lawrence Fox, Peter Gee, Patricia Gillespie, Lisa Glicksman, Giles Goodhead, Julia Goodman, Daniel Healey, Dave Herskowitz, Janet Hiebert, Eileen Hughes, John Hundt, Hannah Ireland, Teresa Kalnoskas, Rok Kandi, Laurence Kaplan, Noa Kaplan-Sears, Daria Kaufman, Pamela Keilson, Lee Krasnow, Charlotte Kubiak, Wilbert Lee Jr., Bill Lo, Mark Luthringer, Barbara Maricle, Ally Maser, Liz Maxwell, Susan McAllister, Zoilita McKeon, Jill McLennan, Donna Mendes, Julie Mevi-Shiflett, Misho Misho, Zachary Mohler, Carol Morse, Daisuke Nakabayashi, Caroline Nassif, Tomye, Bonnie Neumann, Clare Olivares, Charley Paff, Susan Parish, Kerrie Paussa, Celena Peet, Jessica Phrogus, Heather Piazza, Lauri Pino, Darwin Price, Michelle Quinn, Ajay Casey Reed, Fernando Reyes, Lincoln Rogala, Cynthia Rose, Shawn Rowland, Luz Marina Ruiz, Stanley Russell, Victor Sanchez, Vicky Schlepp, Jessica Schmidt, Ann Schnake, Lauren Shahroody, Mary Shisler, Kate Short, Clover Singsen, Joyce Slim, Bertrell Smith, Larry Stefl, Arlene Risi Streich, Michael Sydnor, Jerome Szymczak, Marlene Tobias, Claire Tompkins, Jamie Treacy, Laura Van Duren, Elizabeth Vance, Leah Virsik, Holly Wach, Mary Helene Wagner, Steven Walters, Jacob Wasserman, Vivian Waterloo, Elizabeth Webster, Tamara White, Elizabeth Wilcox, Sarah Windels, Noga Wizansk, Susan Wolf, Brett Young

Note: Artists featured in the Live Auction receive a portion of proceeds.

Presenter Series:
Become a Pro Arts Benefactor by directly supporting programs. This is an opportunity to underwrite artist commissions for new work, sponsor a performing arts performances in the gallery, or sponsor a Youth Fellow for the year. For more details on sponsorships and the presenter series, call 510.763.4361 or send an email to

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