Portland: Day 2

I love to take a class to learn about an alternative approach, to gain a new perspective. Donna Watson’s class today was great for that. I’ve painted tissue paper with a brush before but I haven’t painted rice paper with a brayer. I bought a brayer awhile back and this is the first time I’ve used it with paint. It seems like some things are subtle but they really open up a whole new world of ideas.

I love hearing artists stories. It was great to hear how Donna made the move from painting landscapes to creating abstract/non-objective paintings and incorporating meaning into her work at the same time. So often I enjoy a class for the stories and for the connections with people.

This is the texture that was on my table that distracted me for a while:

Materials lists are interesting. It’s hard as a teacher I think to develop a materials list and to say what to bring especially when art is so personal. Maybe the list says one thing and it really doesn’t have to be that thing, it could be something slightly different. I’m such a literal person and so often I’ve felt like I needed to get the specific thing on the list. Now, I think because I’ve taken a fair amount of classes, I’ve developed a better feel for it. I’m getting better every time. The first time couple of times I took way too much to a class. This time was much better. I also decided to bring a couple of extra things I really like… a bonefolder, some needles and thread… just in case. It’s helpful to have less stuff… it’s more freeing and it’s comforting to have the tools that bring me joy.

These are some papers I painted today. Lots of blue and orangy-browns… what I was wearing. I haven’t used this much blue so we’ll see what I come up with collage-wise tomorrow.

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