Personal Sovereignty

I’m eating breakfast and drinking coffee. I do like mornings, after I wake up. It’s the waking up part that tends to be difficult… well I know I have control over that, just sometimes don’t want to.

I’ve been thinking about personal sovereignty since it was brought up in my therapy group over the weekend. Here’s a pretty good link on the topic. I thought of many different examples but the one that comes to mind here is writing this blog. I wanted to start for quite a while and then at times I don’t think about it and I don’t particularly want to write. Tom gently reminds me about writing and I appreciate it. I feel guilty that I’ve “neglected” posting. But it was something that I started. Why do I feel guilty? I haven’t made a decision to “own” this blog when I feel guilty. I created it and then I let it go. Maybe an issue with not finishing things as a child…

Anyway, I’ve received a lot of great, and some unexpected, benefits by blogging: getting to share my art, writing, expressing myself, connecting with friends, getting a lot of attention from Tom, meeting new people who share similar interests. It’s been fun. I could try commenting on other blogs too and become more connected with the community. Just thinking out loud. Gotta jump in the shower.

On another note, I love reading Michele Maule’s blog on a daily basis. Her current post is about encaustics. Something I know I really enjoy learning and experimenting with. It’s on my list of things to do. Of course I want to learn how to make it myself. So I’m keeping my eye out for an inexpensive double boiler. Here’s a recipe I found online.

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