Paris 2103: 2nd post


Photo is just a detail of  “J’avance donc je pense”, the larger images you can see here: Curius et Valérie Fraigneau pour la RATP Click on the pink + sign in front of Nos Réalisations pour la RATP

Loved this inspiring Ted talk by Amanda Palmer about the Art of Asking. It brought tears to my eyes. Amanda Palmer talks about her connection with people that have made a difference in her life. It made me think of  how I found the video in the first place: it came through my inbox via a Fractured Atlas email. Kathy deRosas told me about Fractured Atlas in a critique group led by by Lisa Kokin. I first saw Lisa Kokin’s work in Oakland’s Clerk-Recorder’s office because Tom and I were applying for our marriage license. And if I go full circle back to Amanda’s talk, Tom asked me to marry him in a very artful way. Pretty interesting connections.

Back to Paris… I had created a fantasy of what Paris was… not that it was necessarily different from my imagination but actually going there made it concrete. It’s a magical place and one just can’t get to places in one’s imagination. You have to go… and for anyone who wants to go I say put it on your list and make it happen and stay for as long as you possibly can. We stayed for a week… which wasn’t nearly long enough… but it was nice to have that depth to be in one place for an extended amount of time. Yesterday, I just happened to pick up the book from the library Interviews with Artists 1966–2012 by Michael Peppiatt who lived in Paris and it seems my exploration of this city seems to just have begun.

I felt like I needed to go the Musée du Louvre but it wasn’t a place I wanted to spend a lot of time. I saw Johannes Vermeer’s Lacemaker and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa (La Joconde). I’ve heard that people usually think it’s smaller than they expect so I thought it would be really small but no it was bigger that I expected. We got a little lost in the massive hallways and Tom stopped me and pointed out Giovanni Pedrini Giampietrino’s The Death of Cleopatra. Later at The Centre Pompidou (must see for contemporary and modern art) he found a piece that looked as if it was directly inspired by that piece. Pretty amazing and I’m glad he was with me. He’s great at making connections and seeing similarities in seemingly disparate things. The Centre Pompidou also had a special exhibit on Chris Marker which we didn’t get to explore but it was a treat to see his film La jetée. We rented La jetée/Sans Soleil via Netflix prior to our trip after I found it on a top 100 list. La jetée is amazing while to me Sans Soleil felt a bit self-indulgent. I saw the blockbuster film Lincoln right after Sans Soleil and while they are completely different, afterward I had a greater appreciation for the more personal Sans Soleil.

Here’s a funny post by Ken Wooi about his trip to Paris. Tom found it searching the for the snake painting that I didn’t know the name of above (Gaimpietrino’s The Death of Cleopatra). He found that too. 🙂

More soon…

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