Paris 2013


Paris was fabulous. Photographs above are some of the street art Tom and I found walking around our fabulous Hotel des Grandes Ecoles. Tom and I went for seven days along with some fellow runners who ran the 30km Ecotrail de Paris… our official excuse for going. Some of our highlights were visiting an American artist Marcus McAllister who has lived in Paris for 17 years. He’s very warm and an incredible artist. I discovered him by googling “an artist in paris” and found a couple of great Cynthia Morris videos of him: Marcus McAllister: Being an Artist in Paris and The Dreamed Journal. Another link regarding Marcus: Also, following Cynthia’s suggestion we went to the delightful Sennelier art store across from the Louvre. I could have stayed in there for hours. They had all kinds of different papers from different countries kind of like how you see food labeled here.

Anthony Bourdain’s Layover: Paris show recommends a list of restaurants and other things. Berthillon really is the best ice cream in the world. Le Comptoir du Relais was very tasty and I enjoyed ordering all by myself in French from the L’Avant Comptoir crepe window.

I went out to the Paris Flea Market and met some other women who were also looking for it. I did find a market of 250 shops although I’m sure there were more. One has to go through a lot of low-end clothing and sneakers before you find the good stuff. I did find some old thread spools. They were fun to buy. But I imagine in most countries if you don’t know the language… communicating that you want to buy something seems like an easier thing to do.

In this interview David Sedaris turned us on to the fabulous Picard. It’s a store full of just frozen food. If you’ve wondered where your frozen French food comes from in Trader Joe’s… I’ll bet it has something to do with Picard.

I discovered L’Addresse: Musée de la Poste walking around and seeing a window that described the museum. There was a lovely exhibit of Anne Calas and a great street art exhibit as well. It was so good I went twice. Totally opposite the Louvre… great place without any crowds, ever, I imagine. Le Petit Pointoise was a wonderful place for dinner. I had wonderfully cooked swordfish at Pramil. Overall we had really good food. Le Tastevin on Ile Saint Louis was our favorite restaurant… right across from Berthillon where we did go for a second time.

More soon…

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  1. Cool! I’m glad you had a great time!!! Thanks for the tips – I’ll have to delve more deeply into the links you added. I love David Sedaris. I heard about the crowds and heat so I am avoiding the summer and looking into the fall… I’m hoping to get there soon!

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