On getting published

There are different ways to go about getting published. Jen Segrest in this Craft Sanity podcast talks about her work getting published from it’s initial discovery on Flickr. That was enough to inspire me to join the photo-based community. Another reason I use Flickr is that I find it an incredibly easy way to document and categorize my work. I also appreciate the opportunity for feedback that the Flickr community provides.

Cloth Paper Scissors Studios found my art studio door on Flickr and used it for an article they wrote in their Spring 2011 issue. They liked some other photos I had on Flickr and with some cleaning and a wonderful mom who helped me arrange things, I was also featured in their Summer 2011 issue. Click to see some of my studio images.

Another way to get published…submit. That’s actually the business model of this magazine in particular. They rely on artists to write articles and submit photos, the artists appreciate the publicity and it’s a great way to sell their magazines.


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  1. Congrats on those inclusions Leah! I have both issues and now between you and Roben-Marie feel like I actually know famous peeps! Real life and in person!

  2. Hi Leah – I’ve just discovered your blog/work as a result of Cathy Cullis’ Monday Mosaic. I especially enjoyed looking at the books you’ve created (in your Flickr account). A few years ago I took a class from DJ Pettitt that has sent me on a long journey using her techniques.
    Congratulations on the publication.
    (in Minnesota)

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