KaTrings (Say "Kuh-TRINGS")

I’m so excited for my friend KaTrina. She’s making these beautiful button rings above and is having great success getting them out into the world. KaTrina’s been making jewelry and curving wire for as long as I’ve known her. I’m very proud to see her success and be around her excitement for her creations. It seems to me she gets a lot of joy out of making things. She has a big heart, lots of love and thoroughly enjoys animals.

I got the pleasure of seeing her rings in a black velvet-looking case and they just sparkle with all the great colors. It seems that you need one for each outfit! To purchase her rings, to send her your button collection or just for more information you can reach her at KaTrina at KaTrings dot com or give her a call. (Click on the link for her phone number.)

I can’t help but want to promote her. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I want the world to know about her. At one point, Tom said something to me about art and the importance of “completing the circle” of finishing work, getting it out there and letting it go. That in itself is vital. It actually allows more space for one to create. I think this is similar in promotion. When you get to see your friends succeed, it opens up roads of possibility.

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