AEDM Challenge Day 1

©2012 Leah Virsik Gold ‘n Blue Meet Stripes acrylic painted rice paper 8 x 5 inches

I’m participating in Leah Piken Kolidas’ Art Every Day Month Challenge. I do have to say it’s quite the challenge and I’m only just starting. I’m excited though and motivated. My plan is to do 30- 8×5 inch (or 5×8 inch) collages and also discuss how they work using the design elements and principles. That part will come later. I took a wonderful class from Donna Watson at Art and Soul Portland and this is paper I painted from that class. She has a wonderful blog and a great Deconstructing Books post featuring the artist Jordi Alacarz. He has a couple of catalogs available from Galerie Stefan Ropke.

Now I remember how incredibly time-consuming this is. It ends up being not so much that I just want to do art and post it but I want to share so much of what’s in my head… the stuff that I’m excited about and it seems I’m excited about oh, so much. Not a bad thing. Lately, I’ve been listening to Nigel Poor’s audio experiment: a collection of unedited, uncensored reactions to everyday life. She’s so interesting. I love listening to her thoughts about teaching especially. It makes me want to record my thoughts. We’ll see… one thing at a time. Until tomorrow…

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