Gallery Outing

I went to the Oakland Art Gallery opening show tonight after work. They have a really interesting show of RISD Northern California Alumuni. Oh, and what a great spread of food!

A couple of women’s work really stood out for me: Jane Kim who can also be found on, and Donna M. Castro. Very inspiring.

I was reading through the artist’s bios and one in particular made a difference for me. The artist answered three phrases in what could have been his handwriting. The phrases were: Everytime I design something…, I’m inspired by…, I get excited when… and I get even more excited when… It seems really important to make your bio stand out in a book of many other bios. How can you make your bio stand out? What makes yours different? What do you want to say in 30 seconds or less so that someone flipping through doesn’t pass your page by?

I’m putting together wedding invitations. I owe much gratitude to my boss who let me use his paper cutter. I don’t know what I was thinking when I thought I was going to hand cut all of these. Eventually, when they’re done, I’ll put up a photo.

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  1. LEAHLEAH!!!
    it’s sarahsarah!

    great site! at least yours is up!
    but wheres the “there’s this guy…” section? JUST KIDDING… i think you have lots to tell me & i you…
    email me!!

    – sarahsarah aka sparkey aka yogamonkey

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