Frances Stark lecture at Mills

“Brazenly emerging from the delusion of her desired metamorphosis she contemplates the impossible fact of being herself at the same time she is herself.”
~Anonymous (referring to Frances Stark)

I had the great opportunity to hear Frances Stark lecture tonight at Mills College. I’m super lucky to be so close to Mills. It’s such a different experience not knowing of an artist’s work and then getting to hear about their process. I almost prefer it to seeing someone who’s work I’m more familiar with. I tend to go with some preconceived expectations. Having no expectations helps to open my eyes.

Frances Stark broached the question, if no one asked her to do art, would she do it?  I gasped. (Or what does it mean to do something that someone isn’t asking you?) Her whole talk felt honest and real and vulnerable. It was beautiful. She has a lot of writing that I’m interested in reading. She spoke warmly of Dennis Cooper, who she took a writing workshop from, and who helped her to see herself as an artist.

She shared Lydia Davis’ poem A Position at the University. It helped to make sense of what goes into her creative process.

She mentioned Sylvia Sleigh, George LaGrady, Cindy Sherman, Mike Kelley, Steve Prina and Silke Otto-Knapp who has a show at the Berkeley Art Museum until January 15.

I connected with her work Why should you not be able to assemble yourself and write? and appreciated her self-reflection.

These were my notes from her lecture. I realize now that I’ve written them down digitally I’ll find them more readily. Much easier than trying to remember in what notebook I scribbled them.

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