I’m such a voyeur. But I imagine other people are as well. Do you know about Flavorpill.com? It’s a great website of things to do in certain areas like San Francisco, New York, etc. but I what I love about it most is the artwork it features. Here’s this week artist for the San Francisco edition. Her heart drawings are great: Ashlee Nicolle Ferlito.

My friend Maria started her own blog! I’m excited, this blog stuff is pretty catchy and fun and might I add incredibly easy. So if you were looking for the impetus to start your own blog, I recommend it.

I read the most fabulous book last year called: Crossing the Unknown Sea, Work as a Pilgrimage of Identity by David Whyte. I’ve linked it here to Amazon but you might be able to find it at your library. Basically, it’s the author’s story of his journey to heartfelt work. It’s beautifully written. Bill Say, my therapist, who can get to the heart of a matter really quickly and effectively, recommended it to me.

I’m thinking of the book now because I’m feeling a little low. I have a goal of supporting myself with my art and my vision of that is clear and fuzzy. I’d like it be more clear. I think basically, I want to give myself some self some permission to let myself get other things done that will make my art more productive when I get back to my artmaking. Permission granted.

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