Daily Book Pages 3.19.11
©2011 Leah Virsik, Daily Book 3.19.11 found paper, pencil and ink on paper pages: 5 x 3 3/4 inches

I had a wonderful day meeting with Marie Bergstedt and Laurel Shackelford. It was incredible to be around artists who are serious about their work and want to work together to find ways to exhibit. We discussed incredible fiber artists that I want to spend time looking up: Carol Beadle, Susan Taber Avila, Allison Smith, Victoria May, the Montalvo Arts Center, the Lithuania Biennial and the amazing Michael Swaine. They are all really amazing, it’s just that Michael Swaine’s work of mending people’s clothes in the Tenderloin really touched me.

I was sharing my work and Marie commented that my piece Simplicity is similar to a passport shape,  like a “flight of mind to different places”. I liked the visual of the words.

I’m trying to learn how to categorize information so I can come back to what interests me. I write notes in books. I don’t read the notes necessarily and they’re chronological by day. I’ll take action on the things that I most want that I’ve written down but besides that, the books just serve as something to write down what I find fascinating. Above is a page I created today.  What’s written underneath the envelope interiors are the names of the artists I wrote above. I’m writing notes and then pasting down papers on top of my words… an experiment currently. We’ll see what evolves.

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