Everchanging directions of life

Purple Layers, originally uploaded by Leah Virsik.

It’s day 8 of Art Every Day Month.  I had a fun day yesterday with the multiple art openings. Tom came out to visit me and that was really special. My piece on auction at Pro Arts was bid up again! It’s so interesting to me to hear a bit about how my work affects other people.

Life is so interesting. I cut out lots of envelopes today from wallpaper books, interoffice envelopes, catalogs, etc. So much fun. Once I look at things in an artful way, it’s difficult to call them junk or garbage. Tom’s been very helpful in helping me look at things differently.

I started these painting above, collaging and sewing 4″x6″ postcards as mail art. I’ll mail some of them out. And they’ve developed into something else, potential for a class I’d like to teach and also powerful daily art exercises. Because they started as something to go in the mail rather than a frame, the back is another interesting element that is seen as well. I’m so grateful to be doing this work. Thanks Leah Piken Kolidas for the inspiration! It feels addicting. I don’t want to stop but I’ve got a quilt to be working on and muffins to make…

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  1. Ahhh, Julie Ann. Thanks so much! I’m amazed at what comes out of me. My path has been really interesting. Paper, buttons, stitching, fabric, junk mail and art and math are all converging. The daily practice is what makes a difference.

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