di·chot·o·my: an installation

Together with some great help and valuable input from Claudia LamarLanell Dike and Lorraine Bruce we put up my Dichotomy installation Tuesday evening at the Kensington Library at 61 Arlington Avenue, Kensington, CA. It’ll be up July 1–August 29, 2010. The library open hours are Mon & Tue: 12 – 8 Thu: 10 – 6  Fri: 1 – 5  Sat: 10 – 5.

This site-specific installation consists of sixty sub-parts loosely arranged by color to fill the art wall of the Kensington Library. They are meant to be viewed as a whole, not as a series of works arranged like paintings in a gallery or museum. The design is intended to fill the space – a space for books. These are “pages”, if you will. Think of them as one linear book, laid page by page, end to end. While one’s eye may prefer one or another “page”, the true beauty (or ugliness) lies in the whole. My next step is to make the virtual book into a real one. See examples of my books here. Dichotomy is sixty individual pieces – arranged to fit Kensington Library’s art wall. Each piece has a title and consists of a variety of artistic elements, including among others: collage, screenprinting, wax crayon resist, stitching, repurposed art and office supplies. Arranged on the wall loosely by color and design, each individual piece stands on its own. Like one? Request one by commenting on specific card(s) on my flickr page. I will be mailing them to select recipients at the end of the show. If you are selected, I will contact you for your address.

di·chot·o·my: division into two parts or classifications, esp when they are sharply distinguished or opposed.

Thank you to my husband Tom for your patience and for listening. I appreciate you making me a priority and for helping me to clarify my thoughts for this project.

Thank you to Claudia Lamar and Lanell Dike for your enthusiasm and assistance in hanging this installation. Lanell, thank for suggesting a cleaner way of hanging and Lorraine Bruce, thank you for this opportunity and for asking me to exhibit in the first place.

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