Day 2: 30-Day Self-Portrait


24 April 2015 | 10:41pm | my FA295 studio

  • My enthusiasm for something isn’t always consistent but instead of getting down on myself I’m not  going to worry if I don’t post every day. That’s part of my portrait.
  • I learned today that even bad drawings, can help illustrate a point.The photo of stuffed underwear on the right came from a drawing.
  • I’m excited about sewing these jeans together.The next step is to add light blue jeans below.
  • I realize that when someone offers their help or wants to give me a ride, they may just want to spend time with me. And if I focus on the person rather than what they’re saying I don’t have to feel like I’m a burden or an inconvenience.
  • Having a good friend is so special. Especially one who let you know they can’t get enough of you.