Daily Practice and Poetry

Daily Book Page 3.23.11
©2011 Leah Virsik, Daily Book Page 3.23.11 found paper, wax paper, and ink on paper pages: 5 x 3 3/4 inches

This inspiring TED video featuring Sarah Kay really touched me. She creates incredible spoken word poetry. One thing I know to be true is the more work I create, the more I learn about myself.

And speaking of spoken word poetry, I came across this gorgeous typographic animation by Ronnie Bruce of Taylor Mali’s poem “Totally like whatever, you know?”.  via Alphabet Roadtrip.

Now, the Bowery Poetry Club is on my list of places to visit.

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  1. Hello! Your new Flickr pics of the daily practice book are looking fabulous! I will have to check out the links to the spoken word sometime soon…

    I just read through some of your previous posts and realized that I completely forgot about the Laurie Fricks lecture!!! =-( If another event takes place in LA, please let me know!

    BTW: i LOVE Ricky Gervais and those quotes are good ones!

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