Creating an Artful Home

bottle_border, originally uploaded by Leah Virsik.

Tom and I planted our first bottle border this weekend. One down, three more to go. We only need 734 more bottles by our count. No, just kidding, really 150. Anyone who would like to donate to our cause of having the most artful house in our neighborhood, please let me know. The bottles with the flat bottoms are best. Thanks!

4 Replies to “Creating an Artful Home”

  1. Leaving Berkeley I came across a bag of wine bottles on the curb for recycling, so I made a U-turn and picked up the bag. So when I see you next, expect five or six bottles, unless I find more.

  2. Thanks for sharing Elissa! What a cool place to experience. The pictures are awesome. I’d love to go. I’ve been collecting cans for quite a while now and building one of those walls might be something I could do with them.

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