Cloth Paper Studios Pages Premiere Issue

The Premiere Issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Pages is out now and I’m excited to say I have an article in it. The page with the number 45 below shows my mostly orange watercolor and fabric journal with a red button. It’s filled with lots of great books and articles that I got to enjoy when I got home today.

I got a really wonderful email from Rebecca who read the magazine and wanted to know where to get cloth book tape or if she could use something else. I have found book cloth tape called Filmoplast T Tape at Talas and PaperSource and Paperstudio.

One can also buy book cloth and use PVA glue to adhere it to paper or board. Another option is to make your own book cloth. Google “make your own book cloth” and you’ll find many resources. Here are detailed instructions from the fabulous Roz Stendahl. You really could use something else besides book cloth too. I imagine velvet could work and something that’s flexible and durable like laminated (multiple sheets glued together) sheets of Tyvek.

Many years ago before I had email, I was reading a cooking magazine and I wanted to make the complicated recipe that included fennel. I didn’t know what that ingredient was at the time and I called the chef in New York to find out. He actually called me back and it really touched my heart. I’m grateful for that experience and for so many people in my life who I’ve asked questions of and they’ve responded.

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  1. I am so grateul or your response Leah..Thank you. I have 4 books in the works inspired by your article in Pages. The combination of book and fiber arts is delightful. I can’t wait to finish these and get on to some more. I think I will try the PVA and book cloth, using what I have on hand.

  2. Congrats! It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by…busy times! Happy to see your work again, it always intrigues me… I stare and wonder 🙂 Happy holidays!

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