Daily Book Pages 3.17.11 and 3.18.11
©2011 Leah Virsik, Daily Book Pages 3.17.11 and 3.18.11 ink and found paper on paper pages: 5 x 3 3/4 inches

I’ve been thinking of writing for a quite awhile it seems and Anne Lamott’s fabulous book Bird by Bird pushed me to to start again. Thanks to one of my students, Deb, for the re-introduction.

So many wonderful things happening in my life. I feel very grateful. I had a really great class at the Richmond Art Center and I’m teaching another session of Layers and Meaning–Collage and the Book starting April 6th. I love the planning, the ideas. I’m learning so much. To my surprise, I’m falling in love with the accordion structure. Not totally what I expected. I’m starting a new daily collage book and I imagine the theme will be “what’s around me” or “things I found in the garbage”.  I’ve been finding compelling things that I want to use in my collage that are in the garbage lately. One treasure was something I threw out.

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