Art Every Day Month: November 22

I finished piecing my squares together… my quilt top. Wierd. Guess I can’t believe I did it, attempted it even. A lot of work. I folded it up and I really like the way it looks in its folded position… similar I think to my earlier days of painting where I liked a certain area of a piece and not the whole thing. I’m actually getting used to the quilt as a whole, it’s growing on me. It’s a really different experience building colors in a piece by piece basis and then discovering it looks so different as it becomes larger. Well, then maybe there are ways to approach quilting that are more strategic, more big picture. Hmmm… anyway, I just want to make pillows now or little bags or curtains. You get the picture. Much smaller things. Kind of like the postcard series I’m doing I guess.

I love listening to stories. Enjoyed this To The Best of Our Knowledge radio program entitled Channeling Creativity, especially the interview of Lynda Barry.

Oh, found fun things at the estate sale today for $3. Watercolor paper, canvas paper, a strip of a painting someone did, two altas books and envelopes. Looking forward to playing!

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