Art Everyday Month: November 21

Purple Landscape, originally uploaded by Leah Virsik.

I had a really good bookbinding class today at Frank Bette Center for the Arts and looking into setting up another one for next year. I am super tired and looking forward for bed.

Here’s another landscape in my postcard series. I’ll be sewing my quilt squares together tomorrow and going to go to an estate sale! Oh, and yoga and sewing lab at Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

2 Replies to “Art Everyday Month: November 21”

  1. Lovely! The sheer over the painted background and the brown strip breaking the edges, just lovely – keep it up!!

    1. Thanks Carol! You’re so awesome. I love your comments. Remember that Queen Helene box that I made? It was a similar time period that I made the take out box for the Zolo game. Well, that fabric was from that box. I look at it now and remember late, late nights. Such a fun project though!

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