Art Every Day Month: November 7

Abstract Love, originally uploaded by Leah Virsik.

I am getting ready for two exhibitions today, one for Alameda Women Artists and the other at Pro Arts Gallery. A little surreal.

I’ve been on the computer all morning, well a little sewing on this piece “Abstract Love” that I’ll be mailing to Pod Post.

It’s a lot of work to blog and to post work, to keep up with others, etc. It brings up a lot for me. What’s important? What do I want to focus on? Maintaining balance. And the fact that I’m really enjoying this and want to keep it up. For now, I’m going to just focus on the fact that I’m enjoying this and not worry about the other stuff.

I was talking with an artist last night and my fantasy about him was that he didn’t have a day job and it turned out in fact that he did. Actually, it was good for me to learn and also know that I’m feeling pretty prolific in the moment creating all these little arts… §:0.)

6 Replies to “Art Every Day Month: November 7”

  1. Go girl!! Loving your free-motion quilting technique on paper – I see lots of fabric in your future!! Keep the inspiration coming!!

  2. Great work…the color is fantastic…just love that teal! The sewing on paper is pretty darn cool as well…wowee! Makes me wish I had a sewing machine!

  3. Hi Leah, Oh I love the stitching!!! You asked on my blog about my vintage finds. Yes, I collect them for future projects…usually I try to buy knowing what I am going to use it for or else I would run out of room! Sometimes like the ones I just bought, they are so perfect I know I will use, and so rare I had to have them! Not mention they were a good price. LOL I’ll use them in scrapbooking or mixed media or altered art!

    Have a great weekend!
    Happy creating!

  4. Linda, thank you! Still working on my one for you. 🙂 I bought my sewing machine at a garage sale for $10. A friend encouraged me to get it serviced which was more than I expected at $100 but it was well worth it. It’s interesting sometimes I buy things before I intend to use them but eventually I do like this machine.

    Julie Ann, thank you too! I understand about running out of room. I have lots of piles. 🙂 Good prices are always great. It seems the things I get for a good price I actually appreciate more sometimes. Happy creating to you too!

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