Art Every Day Month: November 27

This in progress “Book Cover Beginning” actually looks better on the screen than it does in reality. It doesn’t have as much contrast. I really like the resisting qualities of crayon underneath watercolor. I’ll be folding this paper twice and creating a 1/2′ spine for the pages to go inside. I want to try a new stitch. Looking forward to learning.

I really appreciated this quote by Natalie Goldberg posted on Leah Piken Kolidas’ Day 27 Check-in for Art Every Day Month “Sometimes when you think you are done, it is just the edge of beginning. Probably that’s why we decide we’re done. It’s getting too scary. We are touching down onto something real. It is beyond the point when you think you are done that often something strong comes out.” In Leah’s post she says: “Today is the 27th day of Art Every Day Month. So close to the end of this particular journey. How would you like to wrap things up? What would make a beautiful ending for you?”
In so many ways, I do feel like this is the beginning. I’ve touched upon what it’s like to blog very consistently and to notice what it’s like to do art regularly. I appreciate the chance to document it in such a supportive and encouraging environment. I don’t want to stop but I also want to transition into a new way of being around my creating and maybe it’s just continuing… and discovering what’s right for me.

I had a really nice Thanksgiving yesterday with family. Good food and really nice people to be around. Erin and Dave brought fresh vegetables from Chino Farms. Yum!

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  1. I love Natalie Goldberg. Her words about “Edge” inspired a great deal of art from me when I read the book, “Old Friend From Far Away” which is where the quote comes from originally.

    I need to add “learn about book making” on my to-do list. You have inspired me a lot this month.

  2. What a small world Leah. Here I am on a site in France looking at art everyday for a month and since I have seen it before decided to investigate it a little further only to learn it is your project.

    Now I do not know if I could create a piece of art everyday, but I certainly could try creating a sketch, a drawing everyday.

  3. Sandy, thanks for your comment. It’s funny how much we learn/grow after we’ve pushed through.

    Egmont, so nice to hear from you! Art Every Day Month is actually the project of Leah Piken Kolidas’: I never tried to create a piece of art every day but I did notice how much I created be it food, art, environment, community, etc. It really helped me to notice how much I am creating each day and the importance of documenting it. You could totally create a drawing every day. Check out her Creative Every Day Challenge: some background here:

  4. wow, this is so beautiful, Leah!

    and i know what you mean. there is a transition that happens after a project of aedm. i like to think it opens my eyes to new possibilities that i can then use as i discover my path moving forward. so glad to have met you on this journey!

  5. Hi Leah, I like to think of the end of one painting as the beginning of the next. I am getting this feeling with some MsKitty studies I’m working on. Wonderful post. I do want to keep in contact with the AEDM participants!

    1. Hi Peggy, yes, beginnings and endings. Thanks for sharing. I was listening to Reb Anderson speak at Green Gulch Farm to a woman who was talking about her relationship ending and Reb said something about how our relationships are always ending… or for that matter always beginning… it was an interesting way of thinking. I’d definitely like to keep in touch. Hope to see you on the Creative Every Day Challenge.

  6. I like what you have done with this painting and the crayon resist. I would think it will make a beautiful cover. You are very eloquent in what you shared in your post, thank you.

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