Art Every Day Month: November 25

No image today but I started painting paper for little books I’m going to make… I’ll be doing a similar idea to the postcards I’ve been doing but a book. I’ll post something soon. My sister and her partner are in town but I’ll make time to post. I’m going to teach them how to make books. I’m very excited.

I’ve been cleaning up my office studio, maybe just consolidating piles but was inspired by this decluttering post by The Star Garden another participant in AEDM. I am putting art up on the walls in my office studio and will take photos eventually.  Today, I was inspired by these beautiful books by Letterself.

I am feeling a bit challenged with Art Every Day Month but also inspired by doing so much art. The momentum feels really good. Looking forward to running tomorrow morning and celebrating Thanksgiving with family. To those of you who celebrate, enjoy!

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