Art Every Day Month: November 18

Heartscape, originally uploaded by Leah Virsik.

I missed a day yesterday blogging but I did do some art and I really enjoyed connecting with my artist friend Deborah Griffin. Check out her very inspiring and deeply layered work! So fun to be next to the artist as she’s creating! She has a fabulous book collection that I enjoy looking through.

I began some more postcard backgrounds with colored pencils. Looking forward to seeing what happens with watercolor on top of them.

I’m looking for inspiring WordPress sites. I’m not sure if this is WordPress or not but I was definitely inspired by Thom Sevalrud’s site.

I’m realizing with this postcard above that I think I’d really enjoy free form quilting. I’m becoming more comfortable with sewing paper and I’d like to do some hand sewing like Cathy Cullis’ beautiful work. As I work on art this month, I’m seeing the bigger picture and the importance of creating a LOT of work.

9 Replies to “Art Every Day Month: November 18”

  1. I love the quilted collage. I have been wanting to experiment with this technique and you have inspired me. Let’s see if I can even find my old sewing machine in the garage:>

  2. Hearts are everywhere today on AEDM. I settled into “Grace” today, perhaps tomorrow shall be my love day? Hmmmm.

    THANK YOU for the Corita Kent list of rules! Love them! (Live by them, for the most part). Today my daughter who has now been accepted by Mills and offered a large scholarship was admiring the card you sent me. Yay!

    Your art is so beautiful!

  3. Leah,
    What fun working with you….and look what you did with the colored pencils…and all the textures…lovely

    at this rate I’ll be resurrecting my sewing machine, as well.

    Looking forward to our next creative play date.

  4. Julie, thanks for writing and for your compliment. Congratulations on your daughter getting into Mills! Awesome. I want to know about that scholarship! It would be neat to connect if you’re up here for a visit!

    Deborah! Thanks so much for your comment. What a nice surprise to hear from you. Oooh, I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with your sewing machine. Looking forward to our next creative play date too!

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