Art Every Day Month: Day 26 and The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project Day 26 Spread
©2010 Leah Virsik, The Sketchbook Project Nov 26 2010 found paper 8 1/4 x 10 1/2 inches

The Sketchbook Project and Art Every Day Month Challenge

I realize working on these squares shouldn’t be that surprising. I’m concurrently working on square canvases with collaged found paper, beeswax and thread. I have 24 mostly in progress with a total of 36 to complete. I’m trying to figure out how to arrange them. In a way I could interpret these pages as experimenting with arrangement of my larger works.

Today is my sister’s birthday. Her blog makes me super hungry with all of her beautiful food photos. Happy Birthday Erin! It’s also StoryCorps National Day of Listening. Some of these stories bring tears to my eyes.

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  1. There is something about tiny canvases that make us notice the beauty in the details that is hidden in larger works.

    I love this. I love looking at the tiny canvases and seeing how the tiniest of squares can contain so much vibrance. I have a pile of 1cm square paintings ( example – ) here that I’m itching to do something with, likely in a mosaic sense, so I’m so happy to have discovered your efforts in a similar direction.

    On the other hand, I’m very new to collage in general and have no real idea what I’m doing, so finding your lovely work is fantastic for me too.

    As for this specific piece, it speaks to me of beaches, sand, and a gentle surf on a breezy summer’s afternoon.

    Thanks so much for sharing. And thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog, too.

    (off the edge, but learning to fly)

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