Art Every Day Month: Day 19 and the Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project Day 19 Spread

©2010 Leah Virsik, The Sketchbook Project Nov 19 2010 found paper 8 1/4 x 10 1/2 inches

The Sketchbook Project and Art Every Day Month Challenge

This was actually really fun to make, it’s from the squares I punched out yesterday. I haven’t been writing a lot because I’ve been focusing more on the visual work. It’s interesting… I been through different phases with blogging. Most often I’ve written a lot without much visual and lately it’s been the opposite. I prefer it when it’s a mixture of both. I actually enjoy writing but hadn’t thought I was that good at it. Really, I think that stemmed from me not knowing big words… which doesn’t really have anything to do with writing.

ARt Car
©2010 Tom Virsik, ARt car

Tom and I attached these last weekend. This a Scion xB and the other letters are from xA and  tC emblems. I cut the B and the x to make the R with a jewelers saw and a spiral wax saw blade. I took a metal jewelry class at Studio One and Karen Ehrhardt (who I really enjoyed as a teacher) gave me the blade. There are some other really cool modifications Tom’s thought of that I’ll have to photograph: like the big red button on the front and my website on the license plate frame.

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