Art Every Day Month: Day 15 and the Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project Day 15 Spread

©2010 Leah Virsik, The Sketchbook Project Nov 15 2010 found paper 8 1/4 x 10 1/2 inches

The Sketchbook Project and Art Every Day Month Challenge

This page was inspired by Hanna who is also doing Arthouse Co-op’s The Sketchbook Project along with 28,000 others. Today’s the deadline to sign up. To be honest, I signed up because I saw that Geninne Zlatkis was doing it too. I love her work. But really, I think this process is helping me appreciate my own work, myself and as a bonus I’m developing a daily art practice to boot.

Many a time it’s the work that I struggle over that is huge and complicated that I somehow appreciate so much more. I’m working on one of those projects right now. It’s a button project with many buttons and as I was working on it last night to my horror I wondered if someone might find it valuable for it’s bulk of buttons and not for my effort in the finished product. I hate when my mind goes there. Ultimately, I know I get to learn something from this process and I like to view my work in the bigger sphere of things and not necessarily one small piece of it.

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