AEDM Challenge Day 5

©2012 Leah Virsik Summery found paper and acrylic painted rice paper 5 x 8 inches

Notice where your eye goes. What is significant about that area? Your eye will be drawn to the area with the most contrast. In this piece, it’s the light yellow right next to the small area of dark brown at the top. Thanks to Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen in their online Complex Collage class for making that clear.

Heard an interesting talk by Greil Marcus tonight on Jay DeFeo and All that Jazz at Mills College. He shared the stunning film The White Rose by Bruce Conner about the removal of the 2000 pound painting from JayDeFeo’s Fillmore apartment.  I found this SFMOMA film talking of Bruce Conner discussing his film also worthwhile.


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  1. I met Jay DeFeo at a gathering in Marin when she was teaching at Sonoma State. I knew her ex husband, a painter who taught at Indian Valley College in Novato. The story went that she spent over a year on The Rose
    and when it was done, she was done with the marriage. The Rose was to shown in Dallas and they had to
    take out the side wall of her studio and rent a crane to get it down to crate and ship to Texas. Looking forward to seeing it zgain at SF MOMA. Always fun to do the day notes of the art work, just as with a dream, the events of the day affect it.
    Best, Janell Moon

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