AEDM Challenge Day 3

Hidden Entry

©2012 Leah Virsik Hidden Entry acrylic painted rice paper 8 x 5 inches

I had a really good day, tiring but good. I did art first thing this morning. Deborah Griffin and I had our opening reception at Sun Gallery. Super fun! Deborah sold three pieces. I’m proud of her! I had great visits with everyone that came. I made some awesome guacamole if I do say so myself. It didn’t turn brown thanks to the addition of lime juice. I had four artists come from my crit group led my Lisa Kokin. One of them, Ruth Tabancay, mentioned how works “talk” to each other when they’re in a show together. They have a larger context. I heard an online interview of Richard Serra who saw a particular connection in his own work that he wasn’t aware of previously. I’m really starting to see the origins of my stacked pieces and how they’re connected to each other. Pretty interesting.

I was introduced to the wonderful mixed-media work of Mirto Golino tonight in Oakland’s CK Gallery.I enjoyed this post from artist Nayland Blake. He’s going to be speaking at California College of the Arts on November 27. More info here.

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