AEDM Challenge Day 14

Defining Space

©2012 Leah Virsik Defining Space found paper and acrylic painted rice paper on muslin 6 x 6 inches

So there is something interesting about just showing up and doing the work. I’m working on different things every day. It’s hard to just do one format as much as I would like. I get bored I think or I’m just not disciplined enough or there are too many things I want to do and I’m distracted. Anyway, this is a book cover I did this week. Last night I bound it. I’ll get some pics on flickr eventually. There was this discussion between my multiple selves about doing a collage or binding the book and binding the book won. I love the process of binding. Maybe it’s about following steps, figuring things out that is really different from creating collages… at least in my mind. I think with book binding you know when you’re done, it’s clear. There can also be a very clear realization when a collage is done but you don’t know how many steps it will take before you finish. Well, but if one planned out collages  then it might be more clear. Ahhh. What is interesting is that I’m posting no matter what. It ends up being less about creating work and more about posting or documenting. It’s something I don’t want to give up, I don’t want to miss a date. I want to push myself just that much further because this isn’t that hard. And then there’s something really satisfying about having posted…accoomplishment… perhaps very similar to binding a book.

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