SF State MFA Thesis Exhibition video


This video was produced in conjunction with my San Francisco State MFA Thesis Exhibition in May 2016. The two sculptural fiber works featured are made of jeans and are entitled “Further Together” and “To understand is to stand under, which is to look up to which is a good way to understand. ~Corita Kent.”

Thanks to Laura Van Duren, Jeannie Ichimura and Ernest Li for their participation. The work of my fellow grads: Shannon Abac, Kimberley A. Arteche and Nash Bellows is also featured in the exhibition. Thank you to Stacy Pete of Optical North Productions for the film.

San Francisco State’s MFA Thesis Exhibition: April 16–May 14, 2016

Please join me for SF State’s MFA Thesis Exhibition April 16–May 14

(From left to right) Featuring the work of Shannon Abac, Kimberley A. Arteche, Nash Bellows and myself.
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SF State’s MFA Thesis Exhibition
MFA Opening Reception
Saturday 16 April | 1-3pm

Campus Opening
Thursday 21 April | 4–6pm

Artist Talks
Thursday 28 April | 12:10–1pm

Fine Arts Building, Fine Arts Gallery: Room 238
1600 Holloway Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132
SF State campus map

If you can’t make it April 16 and want to come another day, let me know and I may be able to give you a private tour. Regular gallery hours: Wednesday through Saturday, 11am–4pm. SF State is accessible by BART and Muni. Transit info here.

Teaching at Feather River Art Camp: June 19–26, 2016

Feather River Art Camp: June 19–26, 2016

Feather River Art Camp is an amazing place……and the OPPORTUNITY to do what you love for a solid week without interruption. So many classes to enjoy…from painting…to clay…to playing the harp. I’m looking forward to my third year teaching in this magical environment.

I will teach a variety of book structures including folded books from a single sheet of paper and soft cover notebooks and sketchbooks. Some favorites pictured above are the Buttonhole, the Crossed Structure and a modified Secret Belgian binding. Covers will include Momigami (kneaded paper that feels like cloth), fused plastic and painted paper. It’ll be fun! More here.

Day 3: 30-Day Self Portrait


28 April 2015 | 3:45pm | my FA295 studio

  • This project of cutting up denim jeans and sewing them together is eventually going to become unwieldy. I’m trying to figure out how to make that more manageable.
  • I realize in this project I like to have some specific parameters but not too specific an idea of what it’s going to look like at the end. I’m open to possibilities of being something else that I originally imagine.
  • But why work the whole thing at one time? Why not create a bunch of units the same size and then assemble them? Perhaps that be would that be too orderly?
  • I am interested in having people move their position when viewing an object. Or at least I am interested in taking different positions when I look at objects, i.e.: lying on the floor and looking upward. That means I need to create something for the floor and the ceiling. I always appreciated going to the dentist, etc. and looking at images or mobiles up above. I love the ceiling at Johansson Projects.

Day 2: 30-Day Self-Portrait


24 April 2015 | 10:41pm | my FA295 studio

  • My enthusiasm for something isn’t always consistent but instead of getting down on myself I’m not  going to worry if I don’t post every day. That’s part of my portrait.
  • I learned today that even bad drawings, can help illustrate a point.The photo of stuffed underwear on the right came from a drawing.
  • I’m excited about sewing these jeans together.The next step is to add light blue jeans below.
  • I realize that when someone offers their help or wants to give me a ride, they may just want to spend time with me. And if I focus on the person rather than what they’re saying I don’t have to feel like I’m a burden or an inconvenience.
  • Having a good friend is so special. Especially one who let you know they can’t get enough of you.


Day 1: 30-Day Self-Portrait


The Project
A 30-Day Self Portrait using one closeup and one overall photo and words to capture my art process, the day, my mood
Goals: to be vulnerable, honest, poetic, gain insight, create discipline, capture my process, engage in a public dialogue with private thoughts

21 April 2015 | 10:29pm | my FA295 studio

  • covering/revealing
  • I cut open a pillow in my studio to see what was inside: a mix of feathers and stuffing
  • I cut apart three jeans and a gi pant. All white. I am sewing them back together.
  • What if my art is never enough? (At least while I’m in grad school? “Then you’ll have to be satisfied with the path.” Thanks, Tom
  • That’s great because that’s where I am now.
  • Ask “what if” questions. Thanks Centa.
  • Be grateful.
  • I’m truly inspired by Linda Geary’s book Studio Visit of artful and poetic portraits of her conversations with 100 people.
  • I want to be up early tomorrow.